Useful and Interesting Resources

The following list is by no means comprehensive, so please feel welcome to send us your suggestions. Please be aware that external links might not use identity-affirming language. Let us know if this collection can be improved!

The AutLoud Gazette – This is our current affairs and news aggregator for autistic and neurodivergent related news. 

  • How to be Autistic (C.A. Poe). See our book review here. 
  • Living with AS and Autism in Ireland (S Neilson and D Heffernan)
  • Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking (Collection of Essays)
  • Nerdy, Shy and Socially Inappropriate (C Kim)
  • I Think I Might Be Autistic: A Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis and Self-Discovery for Adults (C Kim)
  • Aspergirls (R Simone). See our book review here.
  • Diary of a Young Naturalist (D McAnulty)