Our Team

Comic-style portrait of Marja-Kristina, who has white skin, short light brown hair and eyes and wears glasses.

Marja-Kristina (she/her)

Marja-Kristina lives just outside of Dublin with her husband, daughter and two cats. Her interests are too many to count, and include studying languages, crafts, genealogy, K-dramas, world travel, and historical costuming. She is passionate about politics, diversity and inclusion, and volunteering.

Comic-style portait of Jo who has white skin, long brown hair, and light blue eyes. She has a slight smile on her face.

Jo (she/her)

As an Autistic ADHDer, Jo likes to come up with a million ideas but sometimes struggles to keep track of the two dozen tabs that are open in her mind at all times. She has lived in 3 countries and mostly worked in adult education, with side hustles in academia, childcare, journalism, translation, and tourism.

A dabbler in photography, painting and poetry, she will infobomb you with random facts about language, culture, and tea. She helped create this blog as a space for Autistic adults to come together and thrive – and to ramble about things like language, communication, executive function, social justice, research, media, and the odd shower thought.

Comic-style portrait of Sally Anne, who has white skin, dark brown hair, blue eyes and is wearing dark glasses. She has a slight smile on her face.

Sally Anne (she/her)

Sally Anne is an autistic academic, mentor, and mother. Her interests are her family, her books, the housing market, the environment and tech. She is recently diagnosed (though had suspected for a while). Through this blog she wants to connect with the autistic community and understand herself better.

She believes in “knowledge for knowledge’s sake” and if she finds a button, she will need to press it!  

Comic-style portrait of Zoe, who has white skin, brown hair tied up with a hairband, and green-ish eyes. She is smiling.

Zoe (she/her)

Zoe lives in Dublin with her girlfriend, dog, and cat. She spent many years confused about why she felt so different, and after spending ten years in and out of mental health services, hospitals, and treatments she was eventually diagnosed with Autism when she was 28. She is passionate about creativity, autism, and mental health recovery and founded The Autistic Art Club to facilitate connections with other autistic people who use art and creativity as a stim. Zoe’s special interests are mental health, feminism, and art therapy. Zoe aims to use this blog to create more awareness and education about the issues that many autistic women face in their pursuit of autistic diagnosis and self-understanding. 

A comic-style picture of Mx C Doyle, a white non binary person with short blonde hair with headphones on in front of a bi+ pride flag and badges on their t-shirt.

Mx C Doyle (they/them)

Mx C lives in Dublin. They are not formally diagnosed as autistic due to several systematic barriers. However, they have enjoyed connecting with the autistic and wider neurodiverse community over the last few years since finally accepting they are autistic. Mx C is a disabled, trans, queer person who has too many labels to name in a quick bio. After years of therapy and self-care, and discovering they are BPD; Mx C is very passionate about mental health. Other topics that Mx C throws themself into include the queer community, polyam community and general activism. Though in their downtime Mx C can often be found consuming fandoms, playing video games or reading a book. They are a self-confessed geeky social activist. Mx C hopes to use this blog to share their perspective of being an autistic queer as well as sharing many tips they learned over the years.

Avatar image of Jonks, who has a red bob hairstyle and aviator sunglasses.

Jonks (she/they)

Jonks is an autistic (and otherwise multiply neurodivergent) person and parent to two wonderfully neurodivergent children. Her interests flit but at the moment are autism, child development and attachment parenting, politics and democratic learning. Early childhood educator with an interest in supporting ND children. Passionate about sharing resources and research that may help make things a bit better for our neurokin coming after.

An avatar representation of Eilish with olive skin tone, dark wavy hair and dark eyes. She has a sligh smile on her face and is wearing red glasses.

Eilish (she/her)

Eilish is one of our international contributors who discovered she is autistic at 32. Growing up she didn’t know any autistic people besides the media representations, with whom she didn’t identify. Her lightbulb moment came while watching Niamh McCann’s talk at TedX Dun Laoghaire about Hidden Asperger’s in Girls. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to true crime and gymnastics podcasts. Eilish used to do a lot of creative writing when younger but has been inactive for about a decade, so bear with her as she hopefully gets better with practice.