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Welcome to the Special Interest Zone

SPINs are our special interests. The activities and topics that spark joy and fascination for us. Our SPINs are part of who we are. Some SPINs are with us long term, others are just flash in the pan. Either type counts. Our SPINs are intrinsic to us, and to our well being. They are not something to be hidden, or kept quiet. They should be celebrated! 

As part of our launch month in April we created a series called SPINTASTIC. You can see the background in this post, and the details of individual SPIN stories in this one. But in a nutshell it was our way of celebrating of this autistic trait, because we think our SPINs are brilliant. It was really enjoyable creating this series, and was really positive. A bright point in a month that is often not all that positive for the autistic community. 

We want to keep this light shining, and grow it some more. So we have created our creative corner, and our SPINs Zone is a key part of this mission. 

Ever wondered about the range of SPINs in our community? This word cloud is based on a single SPINs discussion from the Autistic Paddies Facebook Group. It features over 200 SPINs from approximately 50 members. Thats a lot of Autie Joy. Read our post on this here.

So all that now said, here is a selection of SPINS based  initially on SPINTASTIC but honestly one week later and its already growing.  

Spins Word Cloud layered over the image of a record. The main words highlighted are Art, Books, Autism, Music, Cats, Love, Board Games, Fantasy, Property and Politics.

SPINs Library

A lot of us Read, a lot. A looooottttttttttttttttttttt - a lot. ​
Image of a selection of fantasy novels
Image of series of books, mixed genres, ebook reader and borrow box symbol

Books, literature, language, are a SPIN for many of us. So many formats: printed, eBooks, audiobooks, comics, novels, biographies, history, originals, fan fiction… Books bring comfort, escape, enjoyment. Check out Autlouds ever growing Book Review Tag, your local library, and Borrow box, if you have not already!

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts feature a lot in our SPINs discussions. It is not surprising. Crafting is active, and can be dual purpose, both for self regulation as a stim and also as a SPIN. It is not about being perfect, it is about immersing yourself! Check out our Art Gallery for more or join the Autistic Art Club on FB.

Image of paper craft flowers
Image of scribbled doodle
Jigsaws and Board Games
Image of Jigsaws (Numerous 1000+ piece ones.
SPIN Zone = Board Games - Shows a selection of adult and childrens board games and jigsaws

These are another really popular SPIN. Presented together here as  they somehow feel like natural partners! Games from every era, including collaborative games and card games, are popular. Jigsaws are a fantastic hyper focus activity and often are used as a double SPIN. Jigsaw of your favourite Pet or Show or Period anybody!!!

Costuming & Re-enactment
Im of MJ in various historical constumes

These is a really cool SPIN. Not as common as most as its a lot harder to find than a Jigsaw, Book or Sketch Pad, and comes with definitely sensory and social aspects. It is a way to truly immerse yourself in a special interest, and as close to time travel as it seems we are likely to get! You can go for costuming, or full out re-entactment. 

You can see more about multi-period Historical Costumers here, and Deise Medieval are a good example of a group who do both (Viking specific!). 

Image of a series of photos

Photography is another popular SPIN. Different people have different reasons for loving it, from recording moments, to aiding memory, and  even helping with sensory overload, as Jo explained in our SPINTASTIC post. She explains it is also “a way of being in the moment and connecting with people, even though I’m usually observing from a distance”. 

A great thing about this SPIN is that you can start with nothing more that a camera on a phone, but you can really ‘develop’ it as your interests goes.  

The SPINs library is only starting out. Autloud is all about celebrating, supporting, finding, and growing, our community. So we would love to see and hear about your SPIN or SPINs and add them to the fray. Or if you have resources to share we would love to see them too. So share them with us here, or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

We are hoping to get contributions on many more topics, from TV shows, to Genealogy, to Computers, Smart Tech, Online Gaming, Gardening, Writing, Sports, the most interesting shaped hammers created between 1995 and 1998, as general or specific as you like. You name it, we want it. 

We would also love for you to comment below on ours, or yours. This will help us all find each other, and build special interest groups within our tribe. 

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