Mx C Doyle

Mx C lives in Dublin. They are not formally diagnosed as autistic due to several systematic barriers. However, they have enjoyed connecting with the autistic and wider neurodiverse community over the last few years since finally accepting they are autistic. Mx C is a disabled, trans, queer person who has too many labels to name in a quick bio. After years of therapy and self-care, and discovering they are BPD; Mx C is very passionate about mental health. Other topics that Mx C throws themself into include the queer community, polyam community and general activism. Though in their downtime Mx C can often be found consuming fandoms, playing video games or reading a book. They are a self-confessed geeky social activist. Mx C hopes to use this blog to share their perspective of being an autistic queer as well as sharing many tips they learned over the years.