About Us

We are a multicultural group of Autistic adults living in Ireland who met on Social Media in 2020. We started this blog for lots of different reasons, but in a nutshell, the aim is to educate, entertain, advocate, and connect with one another. 

This blog is for everyone who wants to understand Autistic experiences, and who wants to hear about the spectrum, from the spectrum. For us, it is about creating a space for Autistic voices to be heard, to be able to think (and feel) out loud, whether we speak, type, sing, dance, draw, or paint. That is the heart of what our name means, Out-Loud, AutLoud, Autistics out loud.   

So much of the discussion around autism is based on a medicalised and deficit-based definition of what it means to be Autistic.  We are not a neat list of symptoms or a set of diagnostic criteria. We are not invisible, not here. This is a place where we can take off our masks and just be ourselves, a space for the neurodiverse community in Ireland to connect, to talk about life, love, and lessons learned. We will share our creativity, our skills, and our passions and interests. Because this is who we are. Autistic and proud.

Help us create a space about Autistic life in Ireland, the way it is now and the way it could be, and how we can come together to help make that better future a reality. We are AutLoud, Autistic and proud. 

Find out more about this space, the ideas it is based on, and the people behind it.