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Autistic Pride: Why we need it – and why it’s not enough

Autistic Pride was inspired by and modelled on LGBTQ+ Pride. To be proud is nothing new to members of the LGBTQ+ community. But to many people, being proud to be autistic is still a radical idea. However, I would argue that it isn’t radical enough.

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Autistic Pride: “I’m proud of my obstructive, irritating, bloody-minded, arrogant persistence.”

We asked members of the Autistic community in Ireland to share why they are proud to be Autistic. Al, an architect and widowed father of three, kindly shared his beautifully, brutally honest story.

CW: Mentioning of a suicide bombing, suicidal ideation, cancer, death, bullying.

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Proud to Be Autistic: A ‘Love Letter’ for Autistic Pride Day

A beautiful letter by guest author Polly Rose who is sharing how she came to be proud of her authentic, autistic self.

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Autistic Masking: Why Mask and What is the Ultimate Price You Pay

“I’m so good at masking that I’m worried that when I start my diagnostic assessment shortly I won’t be able to drop it enough to get diagnosed.” But what is masking and what is the price we pay for it? Read Jonks’ post to find out.

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We Need More than Buzz Words: For Equal Access to Work, Education, and a Living Wage

This post explores actions employers, the government, education providers, and we as individuals can take to support Autistic/Disabled people’s access to work, education, and a living wage.

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Yes, I’m Neurodivergent. You Need to Know It’s Not Okay to Invalidate Me

Neurodivergent: Autistic, Dyslexic, Dyspraxic, Bipolar. This is my story, and I hope it will help you see why it’s not okay to invalidate neurodivergence.

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More than ‘a Bit of Mindfulness’: Practical Steps to Support Autistic Mental Health & Wellbeing

In this post, I look at practical ways in which we as businesses, workplaces, local governments, communities, and individuals can support Autistic mental wellbeing.

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Autistic Mental Health: Self Care Tips that Match our Communication and Sensory Needs

Many of the commonly used techniques to help with issues like anxiety, low mood, and intrusive thoughts are designed for neurotypical brains and may not work that well for autistic people. In this blog post, I go through some of those techniques and suggest alternatives that might work better for the neurodivergent brain.

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An Autism Journey – Understanding Yourself Through A Child’s Diagnosis

This is the story of a guest contributor Polly Rose. It started as simply sharing a poem with us for #PoetryMonth but so much more was shared. Polly-Rose’s Autism story is equally resonant in its own right, so with her permission, I am reproducing it here.

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The Common Thread in Late Diagnosis in Women: From Mental Health Crisis to Understanding

My autism diagnosis has allowed me to give myself a second chance at life, and live a life that fulfills me and fills my cup, rather than living in a way that depletes that cup. It has given me a second chance at a life worth living.


How to Be an Authentic Ally to the Autistic Community

In this post, Mel is sharing her story and giving advice on how to be an ally. Far too much energy is misspent agonising over issues that were never a big deal to us in the first place. As we lobby and organise for change, amplify our voices without drowning them out.

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Spintastic: A Selection of Special Interests Curated for You

Spintastic is AutLouds answer to the myth that Autistic people have restricted, repetitive interests. This week we will be featuring one SPIN each day in this post. Join us!

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What’s your SPIN? Special Interests and Autie Joys

This week, we are going to celebrate the things that make us SPIN and bring us joy. Keep an eye on Spintastic each day for updates!

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5 Persistent Autism Myths – Debunked

Busting myths about Autistic empathy, nonspeaking people, vaccines, gender, and our alleged lack of humour—hopefully for good this time!